R. Abel Viana 7, 7800-396 Beja Portugal
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R. Abel Viana 7, 7800-396 Beja Portugal
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What to See?

Prazeres Church

Located next to the Prazeres arch, it has a very simple fa├žade that does not betray the artistic richness of its interior.

At its back, the dome, the roofs and chimneys of the adjacent houses and the bell tower form a set of rare plastic beauty.

Inside, we can find one of the most important repositories of sacred art in the city. The lack of natural light only gradually reveals its ornamental and artistic beauty.

Its vault is covered with high quality paintings. The carving is of national style and surrounds canvases depicting scenes from the Ascension.

The interior is decorated with a beautiful set of tiles, made up of historic panels, signed by Gabriel del Barco and dated 1698.